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We all share the same passion, but we go about things in a different manner...

Andy Cadwallader

Aqua Team Profile
Andy Cadwallader

Andy, known as Chod, has been an integral part of Aqua for almost 10 years and has an unprecedented knowledge and understanding of the Aqua user and how the products are used having extensive knowledge on products and the quality required to meet the demands of the modern angler. Andy began on the factory floor making the legendary Aqua 50" & 60" Brollys and has progressed to be Brand Manager for the company. His carp fishing takes him all over Europe and he fishes some of the best waters in the UK and Europe to put the products through their paces.

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  • UK PB: 37lb 8oz
  • Age: 36
  • Strengths: Easily Adaptable
  • Sponsors: No Sponsors
  • Points of interest: Back in his army days Andy used to fish representing the Army Angling Federation Group 8, Andy won his first ever match at the age of 12.
Damian Clarke

Aqua Team Profile
Damian Clarke

Well known throughout the sport as a key member of the Korda team, Damian's perfectionist approach to his fishing and development of new products bring the successful results that he demands.

As an ex-BCAC champion and with a host of big fish to his name, he has the attributes required to become an integral member of the Aqua team.

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  • UK PB: 45lb 12oz   EU PB: 93lb 8oz
  • Age: 44
  • Strengths: Particle fishing and spodding at range.
  • Sponsors: Korda, Daiwa, Aqua Products® and Mainline Baits
  • Points of interest: Director at Korda Developments and senior product developer. Fishing wise, first British angler to catch 3 different 80lb + fish from 3 different lakes.
Andy Ormrod

Aqua Team Profile
Andy Ormrod

Highly capable northern angler Andy Ormrod has over three decades of angling experience under his belt. He grew up fishing in and around his home town of Bolton in the heart of the North West, predominantly for carp & pike, although he is an all-round angler and makes his living as a full time accredited angling coach. As part of his business he spends a great deal of time on the bank and to aid this Andy uses Aqua Products extensively, making him the ideal person to test products over extended periods.

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  • UK PB’s: 38lb 14oz Mirror, 35lb 8oz Common
  • European PB: 57lb 10oz Mirror
  • Age: 40
  • Strengths: A thought provoking and systematic angler, Andy easily adapts to any situation he is faced with and his ability to pass on his knowledge to help others achieve their goals is second to none.
  • Sponsors: Aqua Products, Sticky Baits
  • Points of interest: In my business as an angling tutor I generally work with beginners and anglers who want to improve some aspect of their fishing. Some of my proudest moments have been helping my customers catch personal bests on species specific tutorials - some of the highlights are a 33lb Oxfordshire mirror carp, a 28lb northern English pike and a 40lb UK catfish.
  • Interesting Fact: My favourite capture was that of an ancient Lake Cassien mirror of 57lb 10oz.
Jon McAllister

Aqua Team Profile
Jon McAllister

Jon cut his carp Angling teeth on some gruellingly difficult, large, low stock pits in Kent as a youngster. He later went on to fish some of the trickiest waters across the length and breadth of the country, often in quick succession.

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  • UK PB: 64lb 5oz
  • European PB: 49lb
  • Age: 49
  • Strengths: Jon's strengths lay in his desire and his pure die hard determination to never say never. If you think everyone else is asleep, think again, Jon is always awake and listening for signs of movement no matter what time of night it is, regardless of the weather!
  • Points of interest: Most of my fishing is session fishing, or has been up until recent years. I'm a sucker for the chase of that elusive biggest carp in the lake, you just cant beat it!

    I'm also the maddest 'keeny' when it comes to winter fishing. Over the past thirty years I've fished every single winter, with some spectacular and unbelievable results. Catching a big carp on a freezing cold winters day is where it's at for me. Holding up an ice block for the cameras when everyone else is at home... that's when I'm really in my element.
Chris Manifold

Aqua Team Profile
Chris Manifold

Chris currently lives in the south of England where he runs a successful fish farm and rears some of the finest fish in the UK, Chris is still active with design and development with Aqua Products® and has input on a daily basis. When Chris is not working he likes to get the rods out and has great success in doing so, it also enables Chris to move with the times and keep up with the modern anglers and see whats required in his future developments. Chris puts his success in angling down to his baiting strategy where he uses his vast knowledge of bait and application to get the desired results, he has great confidence in applying the right bait at the right time and is not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to bait.

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  • UK PB: 43lb 8oz Mirror / 39lb 14oz Common
  • Age: 50
  • Strengths: Chris is leader not a follower he has his own ideas and is not afraid to try something new.
  • Sponsors: Aqua Products®
  • Points of interest: Chris is highly respected within the fishing industry for his revolutionary design of the Armadillo with a career in design and manufacturing leading back over 15 years he is well known for his creativeness and his demand for quality and craftsmanship.