Aqua Products

Aqua is 30 this year!

For thirty years we have crafted some of angling’s best made and most sought-after products. Many of our original bivvies are still in use today, pushing on through the weather and going strong. This is something we’re very proud of.

Aqua Products® was formed in 1990 in response to a need for quality bivvies. Founded by Chris Manifold, a pioneering bivvy designer, Aqua Products birth is attributed to the founder’s desire to have a shelter to complement his own angling sessions. From this personal desire to have a product that was better than any other on the market, Aqua Products® emerged and evolved into the well-respected brand it is today, with a history of manufacturing some of carp angling’s most desired bivvies.

Based in the North West, our range of signature Aquatexx® bivvies and brollies has continued to evolve and the loyal following from Aqua users is testament to getting things right. For 30 years we have designed and developed products in-house and are fuelled by a creative collaboration of dedicated carp anglers and a well-established development team. By taking the real needs of carp anglers into consideration, our aim is to craft products that are functional, look good, and provide longevity.

Our shelter designs have played an inspirational part in carp angling history and to continue satisfying the high expectations of Aqua users is no easy task. We not only have an obligation to produce top-drawer bivvies but our carp care products have a reputation as some of the best available. Over the years we have spent countless hours designing these essential and arguably the most important pieces of equipment so that you are as comfortable in your environment as the carp are in theirs.

Staying true to our roots we have continued to develop our luggage, keeping to the fundamentals of using the best quality materials with typical Aqua Products® design. The Black Series range (our most comprehensive range of luggage to date) is a real testament to any previous luggage we have launched and a little walk down memory lane for those who remember the old black zipped Aqua luggage.

Moving into our thirtieth year we are set to have the most comprehensive range to date. New DPM shelters and luggage will be a big part of this along with an expansion of the Atom concept incorporating beds, landing nets and fishing rods.

Aqua Products® are very proud to play a market leading role in carp angling equipment, we are proud of our history and will continue to push forward, developing the high-quality products that wear our highly respected badge.