Aqua Products Gift Vouchers
If your unsure of that special gift look no further...

Aqua Products offer gift vouchers in £10, £20 or £50 denominations. If you want to give more than £50 you can purchase more than one Aqua Products gift voucher. For example; to gift £150 you can purchase three £50 vouchers. Aqua Products gift vouchers are only accepted on purchases through the Aqua Products website.

  • AQGV10£10 Aqua Products Gift voucher

    100 Reward Points
  • AQGV20£20 Aqua Products Gift voucher

    200 Reward Points
  • AQGV50£50 Aqua Products Gift voucher

    500 Reward Points

Save money on future orders
Aqua Loyalty Scheme

All customers who create an account at checkout are enrolled into our free rewards programme. The rewards programme is very straight forward. For every £1 you spend on-line you receive 10 reward points worth 1p each. On future orders each reward point can be redeemed for 1p off that order. You can redeem up to the full order value (not including shipping charges).

Your first purchase is for a various items at £100. You pay £100 and earn 1000 reward points. Your second purchase is for a items at £50. You have 1000 reward points earned so you can get a discount of £10 against this order, so you only pay £40. You then earn another 400 points against any future orders.

Q. How do I know how many points I have?
A. If you are logged on it will be shown on your account.

Q. How do I redeem my points?
A. Add your items to basket, then go to checkout as usual. On the checkout shipping selection screen it gives you the option to redeem your points. You can redeem as many points as you have earned up to the total order value. You cannot redeem points against shipping charges.

Q. Do telephone orders count?
A. No- You can only earn or redeem points on line.

Q. When can I start getting points?
A. The scheme started for all orders from 26th August 2011. Unfortunately previous orders do not count towards your points total.