Black Series Modular luggage for any scenario

Our most comprehensive luggage range to date

Using modern up to date fabrics, attention to design detail and a great deal of angler feedback has been our method for many years. The Black Series luggage combines a completely modular concept with signature Aqua build quality and offers anglers of all disciplines the versatility needed to organise, streamline and carry varied amounts of tackle in realistic situations. From a couple of hours stalking to a couple of weeks on the continent, out latest luggage range is built to perform.

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Aquatexx® Simply the best bivvy fabric available today

Performance grade shelters, overwraps & accessories

The best bivvy fabric available, optimised for durability, breathability, maximum strength and minimal weight. This high performance, breathable material was developed in the UK and tested to withstand extreme conditions. The fabric has an ability to remain stable in heat, cold or damp which means it does not contract or expand. These unique features are key to keeping everything tight and once wrapped around a quality frame, it's untouchable, the water droplets just bead and roll off the surface. Less stress on the seams and zips make the whole construction more waterproof and durable.

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Fishcare Be well equipped, organised and methodical.

Give them the care and respect they deserve.

The process of unhooking, weighing and safely returning specimen fish requires attention to detail. You're going to need the best possible protection if larger carp are your quarry and Aqua Products offer exactly this. Keeping fish safety to an optimum with tried and tested designs, fish friendly fabrics, high quality inners and top notch construction, out fish care range is highly respected and a firm favourite with experienced anglers.

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