Posted by Aqua Products Friday 24th February, 2017
Andy Ormrod - Winter Reflections


It's here at last! We are officially into spring. I know it’s unlikely to warm up much for a few weeks yet, but the days are much longer and the temperatures are getting there. I'm reflecting on a carp fishing winter that has mostly been a huge struggle for me. I've been out fishing for pike quite regularly, my pike fishing tutorials have gone very well with everyone catching pike and in my own predator fishing I've managed to catch a few Lakeland fish from the stunning Esthwaite water in the Lake District. 



My carp fishing over the winter usually sees me on a few waters which are situated close to my Lancastrian home. This year has been no different, however I've struggled like mad on waters that usually produce reasonably consistently during the colder months. I'm not going to make excuses for this but a few contributing factors might have come into play. A couple of times I've felt that the fish were prepared to play ball and feed but I've just not been able to get on them due to other anglers presence. On other occasions I've felt I've been on fish but no matter what I've tried I couldn't get them to drop down and feed. The high air pressure that dominated the forecasts between the beginning of the year and early February took its toll. I generally like to fish single baits after doing my best to locate the fish. I usually opt for a bright wafter or pop up depending on the strength of the donk I get back from leading around, the harder donk I'm getting back the more likely I am to use a wafer approach on the flip side if the drop I'm getting is a bit softer I will utilise a pop up presentation. In years gone by this style of fishing has seen some cracking results from several waters. Having said that it really hasn't happened for me this winter. I've changed my approach slightly during the periods of high air pressure and fished zigs. I feel that during the cold periods the carp are often holding several feet off the bottom of the lake and having a small zig bait in front of them will often provoke a take. I tend to fish predominantly black zig baits with a small flash of colour on them. I think this presentation stands out quite well without being too blatant.



One thing I must stress is that although the winter has been a struggle and I haven't caught as many fish as I'd like, I have enjoyed my fishing. I often carry a little more kit than some anglers however I feel strongly that fishing should be enjoyed and roughing it in a substandard shelter or without adequate food and hot drinks is not a recipe for an enjoyable session. I've done my fair share of nights on the bank this winter mostly in my M3 and my day sessions have seen me sat under my Fast and Light brolly, even in relatively good weather I still take a shelter. For me fishing should be fun whatever the weather and being comfortable helps me to enjoy and not endure it. I try to take something positive away from each session, that could be a tweak on a rig presentation, knowledge of a new water or some notes on what I've found whilst plumbing around in a new swim. Each blank session, however frustrating, must be viewed as one less session before we get it right and catch a few. Now the spring is officially here it's only a matter of time before the warmth wins the battle and winter is banished for another nine months. 



Andy Ormrod


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