Posted by Aqua Products Wednesday 18th January, 2017
James Armstrong - Not your standard rucka!


Over the years I have been through many rucksacks; your standard fishing rukka’s, camouflaged army bergens, all sorts. I have torn, ripped, broken the zips; some wouldn’t house all my pouches or tea gear, whereas others were too big. I never had something I was totally happy with until the Roving Rucksack! I didn’t want to write a boring rucksack review and I am not one for harping on about gear just because I am sponsored. But…I have been using the original Roving Rucksack ever since it was released. I remember an old Armo rucksack that I had years ago. It was perfect for my fishing. Unfortunately, mice had taken residence inside the padding and it ended up ruined. It was then discontinued. The Roving is the closest comparison to the old warhorse, but with improvements.

I don’t look after gear. I often target waters well off the beaten track and therefore scramble through brambles, traipse across miles of terrain, or lob it straight into the boat. So first of all, a hardwearing material is compulsory. The Endura fabric is tough as old boots. I have pulled mine through all sorts of spiky branches and bushes, quite often hearing the scratches and scrapes as thorns grated against the material and not once did I rip it. The zips were pretty hardy too. One of the beauties is that it suits my fishing perfectly. I don’t take the kitchen sink, cutting my tackle down to a minimum for ease of mobility. In my eyes, a good carp angler stays on the move. I am not one for taking a separate food bag, stove, camera etc. I like to keep it all in the same one. The Roving allows me to keep everything inside, just perfectly.

My buzz bars and bank sticks zip into the long, side compartment, my pop-ups and hook baits go in the little rectangular pockets adjacent to the bank sticks, and my sacks go in the smaller, squarer pocket. It all fits wonderfully well, with the rest of my gear being spread into the larger sections of the main bag. Once opened, there are other secret spaces and pockets for even more gear!

Finally, another bulky item that can be a pain to carry around is an unhooking mat. Well, I roll mine up as small as possible and using the straps at the base of the bag to simply wrap them around and clip them up. The mat simply sits above my waist and is no bother to walk as far as I need to.

The padded straps give a real comfortable feeling when walking the distance and it also features a waist strap to give even more stability on demanding journeys. It’s a neat rukka this one, and being rectangular in shape, flat on my back, you barely know that you’re carrying it. Other than any updated  versions that may come along, I can see myself using this in my fishing for years to come – 10/10 Aqua!


James Armstrong


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