Posted by Aqua Products Wednesday 18th January, 2017
Andy Ormrod - RS5 Quiver


Having been a prolific Aqua Products user for a number of years I've previously utilised several products to protect my rods. I've used the Full Rod Holdall for French trips, the Three Rod Tristar for my pike sessions and the Individual (three quarter length) Sleeves. Each option did the job perfectly however during the last twelve months I wanted a change. The RS5 Quiver has been the go-to product for me, I'll explain why….

I was looking for a versatile answer to carrying and protecting my rods, bank ware, nets and shelter. My full time job as an angling tutor requires taking different numbers of rods and different shelters on to the bank and here lies the RS5's strong point. I can look after my kit in the right way every time. I can fit my Fast and Light in or my MK1 Armo for day sessions or overnighters. The RS5 will also allow me to fit in my stripped out M3, by stripped out I mean no groundsheet or front panel. For summer sessions or for the winter angler the Supa Wrap that fits M3’s will also fit nicely in the central cavity of the RS5.

The RS5 also allows for lots of options when protecting your rods. I prefer to use the RS5 with the 3/4 Individual Rod Sleeves however the full 12ft and 13ft Sleeves work well too, as do their Lightweight Aquatexx counterparts. Many other anglers use Tip and Butt Protectors, Reel Jackets or the 50mm Ring Protectors in conjunction with the RS5. The RS5 also allows for rods to be carried with minimal protection for the angler who is looking to carry less weight. The Quiver has individual Velcro rod straps and individual pockets to stop your rods from clashing whilst being carried. The Quiver has a clipped strap that secures the rods whilst being used with sleeves so that whatever your preference, you can be sure your pride and joys are safe and protected to your level of choice.

I use the RS5 because it is versatile, hard wearing and easy, it's comfortable to carry and doesn't take up much room in the bivvy when I'm fishing. Like I mentioned, after using and having complete faith in my  Aqua gear for many years, this quiver is the workhorse I need to cope with my regular tutor sessions throughout the year and also my own fishing, so it gets a fair bit of abuse!


Andy Ormrod


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