Posted by Aqua Products Monday 24th July, 2017
Aqua Products M3 Bivvy

The Aqua Products M3 bivvy doesn't need much introducing to be fair. The vast majority of carp anglers will recognise an M3 on the bank immediately and know it is synonymous with quality, reliability and versatility.



Using my M3 for the last five and a half years, I have used and abused it in both my own fishing and in my carp fishing tutorials. Where necessary I provide equipment to my customers and as a result, countless anglers doing their first night on the bank have utilised my M3. I have used my M3 in a variety of conditions, in the heat of the French summer and the cold, wet and wind of the British winter. I also use the Supa Wrap in conjunction with my M3 which converts the bivvy into a compact two man bivvy by adding around two feet of extra space at the front. This extra space isn't just for two man use as it offers a luxurious amount of living space for one man on longer continental sessions or in the extremes of the British winter. Although I haven't used one there is also an Extended Wrap which adds a nice sized porch to your bivvy and insulates the M3 nicely.



The M3 has many features and optional extras, the key features of the bivvy are as follows. Quality, the M3 is constructed from the highest quality Aquattexx (which has never ever let me down). My M3 has seen thousands of hours on the bank and has faded slightly, having said this it's still waterproof and rock steady. Reliability, I know that whatever the weather has to throw at me, once my M3 is pegged in properly it can deal with it. Versatility, I use my bivvy in various forms. I frequently strip mine right down, using it without the groundsheet, peak and the front panel gives the M3 a luxurious day shelter feel. In this format the M3 will fit inside an RS5 quiver. I also use it as a conventional bivvy with groundsheet, front and peak. During longer continental sessions I've "fully dressed" the bivvy and added the Supa Wrap. The various configurations demonstrate the M3's versatility and it's a favourite of mine and many other anglers all over the country and Europe.


Andy Ormrod


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