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Posted by Aqua Products Thursday 16th March, 2017
Myles Gibson - Dinton & December

Welcome to my first blog piece where I will be keeping you up to date with what I’ve been up to and also plan to get up over the late autumn and winter period.



I carried on fishing Black Swan on the Dinton complex up until early December, although I was lucky enough to catch at least one carp each session during the previous five trips or so, non of the lakes real monsters put in an appearance late that autumn. I had been seeing a very large common show in the same area I was fishing a good few times and over a number of sessions too. I was convinced it was a fish they call Petty’s Common just by the shear size and shape of the fish, a big upper forty for sure. I was certain every time I had a bite from the area (after them shows) I was going to get a chance and put a hook in the beast.  it really was heart in your mouth stuff playing them until you got eyes on the hooked fish. 

Although I wasn't lucky enough to hook him, I did however manage to catch around fifteen others from that area, a mix of both commons and mirrors, every one special in there own way, with the biggest being a stunning scaly mirror an ounce under thirty pounds. Also amongst the others were a good number of upper twenty commons and a real plump chestnut mirror of twenty eight pounds, ten ounces.  I decided to have a break from the travelling after a frozen lake put an end to fishing a couple of weeks on the bounce and so planned to fish locally through the worst of the winter weather with a return to Black Swan around mid February.



I spent the last few weeks of December fishing a no publicity water much closer to home, more social sessions to be honest. It was nice to get out with a few mates I’d not fished with for some time, as well as good food and socials I did manage to get amongst a few as well, catching a total of six carp over a couple of two night sessions with the biggest being a lovely linear of over twenty nine pounds. Big beds of bait seem to work best in there, If the weather came in good with a big pressure drop they really did get there heads down and often getting a bite and catching over a good sized bucket of bait within the hour. Crumbed Manilla, corn and a few casters with small home made fruity pop ups fished over the top kept the bites coming. 



With Christmas and new year out the way (and with no real consistency to the weather) I spent most of my days off work through January getting all sorts done around the house, all the little jobs that had been put on hold were getting ticked off the list one by one ready for a hassle free spring. Of course it wasn't all work and no play, I’ve enjoyed the odd morning and evening sessions after pike. Mostly just on the local canal and river with a couple of dead baits under some floats. I really enjoyed playing about with this as I’ve not spent much time fishing for pike previously and the buzz when that float starts to bob and then sales away really is something. I will defiantly be spending more time in future winters fishing for them, its become some what a personal goal to get my self a winter twenty from Cheshire. Although I caught nothing any where near that size (so far), I have enjoyed catching a few small ones up to around eight pounds mark or so. I also got out for a day session with one of the lads from the shop to a local day ticket where we managed a few carp to around upper double as well as several perch to just under two pounds caught on float fished lob worms in the side…great fun passing the hours waiting for the alarm to sound.



Of late I have had a bit of bother with the old van. I was all buzzed up (both mentally and physically) to get back to Dinton for my first trip of the new year, even to the point where I had the window cleaner on for the bottom of the aqua scope, and with some really mild weather on a big pressure drop falling perfectly with my fishing days, I just had to get down there. Unfortunately the problem with my van was the gear linkage cable, and that put a end to that plan. I’ve had that van for just over nine years now so it’s got to that age where it’s one thing after another. So I’ve bit the bullet and looking to get a new van sorted before I start the long journeys down south again. Once I get my head into my fishing the last thing I need is a transport problem. All being well next time, my new wheels will be sorted and my next blog will have a story or two about some lovely Dinton carp.









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